Who We Are

Who We Are
Data Driven Marketing & Communications

A2 is passionate about the opportunity to provide strategic and innovative solutions that translate to new revenues, new markets, new products and new services for your organization.

Known by her team and clients alike as an incisive communicator and a reflective leader, Ana is passionate about approaching all touchstones of business with organized intention and an emphasis on continuous improvement.

Ana founded Asquared in 2012 to bring her data-driven approach, and the knowledge and expertise that comes with over 20 years of experience to a variety of industries. She ia a member and published contributor on the Forbes Agency Council.

Ana believes deeply in corporate social responsibility, and considers her decades-long career to be enriched by volunteer work, wherein she works closely with organization that nurture leadership and development skills in young people. Ana believes in the benefits of higher education and has directly engaged several speaking opportunities at universities aiming to encourage and inspire collegiate women to live their highest potential.

“In an effort to fulfill your company’s potential you need a true partner to join your team – A2 is that partner. The expertise of A2 will drive performance and enhance your business, your brand’s message and its capabilities.”

– Ana Miller, principal
  • forward-thinkers

    A2 Communications Group is comprised of forward-thinking experts who know marketing, communications, public relations, business strategy and branding. We are ready to use the greatest extent of our knowledge and talents toward your business goals.

  • Data & Research Driven

    A2 is data-driven which means that we will bring you new and relevant information in your industry’s ever-evolving business landscape.

  • Innovative & On the lookout

    Our team is genuinely passionate about watching your business succeed. As such, the culture at A2 promotes ideation. As your business grows, you can count on A2 integrating new initiatives, opportunities, and expanding with your business strategy. Our team is continuously improving our efforts to to serve you.

  • Communicative

    Our commitment to premium communication is not exclusive to our services. The A2 team will keep you continually informed and updated on the progress of your initiatives. We describe our relationship with our clients as partnerships. A2 will work closely and openly together with your team to get you to your goals.